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Senior Performance Company

October 18, 2017
Ladies and parents,

After talking with the dancers last night we decided on Thursday Nov. 30th for our extra class - not everyone could make the Tuesday or Wednesday.  So we will have class Thursday Nov. 30th at 7:30pm - mark your calendars!

Also, I have to miss class Nov. 14th, so I would like to do parent visitation on Nov. 7th instead.  The dancers will still have class the 14th, but one of the other teachers will be there to run and polish the dance.

Thanks to all of you for your dedication this semester!

Also, as of now I am ordering tutu's for Claire, Veronica, Caroline Grace, Natalie, Harleigh, and Grace.  Let me know if I need to order anyone else a tutu (the rest of the ladies said they would take care of it).  

FYI the longer red one is only available in plus size - I figure we can take them in, but I will check and see if there is any other options and let you know.