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Petite Performance Company

November 17, 2017

Good Afternoon!

I have finalized the costume info. The price will be $35.00 each costume and I will need the money by December 9th when we perform at Carysbrook so I can order them over the holidays and she will have plenty of time to make them! Please make the checks payable to me. If you have any trouble getting the money to me, please let me know. I will order the "bike/dance" shorts to go under the skirts and any other accessories after we get back in January. (And once I decide for sure. LOL)

Any Questions, Just holla! Happy Thanksgiving!! Regina

November 15, 2017

Hi All!

I have times for you!!

Sunday 12/3 we are meeting at the studio at 4:30 and the event starts at 5:45. Dancers should come dressed and ready and bring their coats etc....You will need to leave them with your dancer. We will be practicing in the studio a few times. Then all the performance companies will walk up town together. We are dancing in front of Town Hall. I ask that Petite Parents meet me back at the studio after the whole program is over to sign your dancer out.

Saturday 12/9 we are meeting at 1pm in the Carysbrook gym, dressed and ready! Please don't be late! We are all practicing in the gym prior to the performance. We are dancing at 2pm in the auditorium. After Petite dances I will take them back into the gym and after all our groups dance you can come and sign them out there.

If you need directions to Carysbrook (in Fluvanna) please let me know! Click here for the Performance company info. Please check the website and your emails often for information updates! Also, tonight is parents visitation. Please video the dances so the girls can practice.

See you tonight! Regina

November 7, 2017

Hi All :)

We finally have a date for Carysbrook Holiday performance it will be December 9th. We will be performing at 2 but I will let you know a meeting time soon. 

Also we have the date for Kings Dominion as well, Sunday April 15th. 

I have decided not to have practice on the Wednesday's after parents visitation and before the performances :) The girls are doing great! I think we will be just fine with the run through's that we do right before the performances. Please video the dance during parents visitation and have them practice at home!

Costume info... The girls should wear their red sweatshirts and black jazz pants with a black leotard underneath. Their hair will be in two ponytails and Clara's mom will be making hair bows in green for us! By two ponytails I mean piggy tails . . . . let's do them on the sides and low so that if it's cold they can wear their hats while waiting to perform at the Gordonsville Tree Lighting.

Again. . . . A big thank you to Carolyn Wentz (Sadie's mom, from intermediate performance) for doing our sweatshirts! I have a thank you card for her and will have the girls sign it on Wednesday.

Tan jazz shoes for Carysbrook and white sneakers for Gordonsville. 

For the Carysbrook performance they will not need to layer under their sweatshirts and pants for warmth but for Gordonsville they might have to. We will have to keep an eye on the weather that evening.

They should also bring a coat (hat, gloves) for the Gordonsville Tree Lighting and keep it with them. 

I will be sending out another email with meeting times etc,,, as we get closer.