BSD Performance Company

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Gordonsville Street Festival

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Meeting time and location:

Meet at the studio at 1:00pm, dressed and ready to practice. 

Performance time & location:

We are performing at 2:00pm at the fair grounds off of King Street.

More details about this event:

Parents please drop off your child by 1:00pm at the studio and drive over to the fair grounds/fire station to park (King Street).  We will practice outside the studio in the back lot.  After running through the dances once or twice we will then walk up to King Street, where the Festival is being held, as a group. Our performance time is 2:00pm.  After all 5 companies perform, dancers will be dismissed there at the performance site. (Please remind dancers to not leave anything in the studio as we will not be coming back after our performance.) Once dismissed, dancers are free to enjoy the festival with their family. Petite Performance parents - please find Regina, after all 5 companies have performed, to sign out your Petite Performance member.

*  If it is raining we will not dance! Please keep an eye on your email and the website for updates!!! This could be a last minute decision! It is your job to make sure your teacher/Pam has all updated contact information (phone numbers, emails) in case it begins to rain during the practice before the performance.  *